A Colchester businessman has opened a brand new HiQ tyre and car service centre at Great Bentley following a £250,000 investment. Brian Palmer, a well known figure in the local motor repair trade, has been working around the local area for many years after beginning as a trainee in his family’s business at the age of 15. The new HiQ Great Bentley store has created five new jobs for skilled mechanics and MOT testers. Brian is planning to employ more when it expands to offer a mobile repair and tyre fitting service in the coming months. The investment was inspired by upcoming changes to MOT testing, which will see all garages have to interact with the river and Vehicle Standards Agency, live online from April this year.

Brian said: “Modern cars have become reliant on their own onboard computer technology for engine management and mechanical fault diagnosis. The days of a mechanic lifting the bonnet and scratching his head have long gone - they have to plug in a computer and the car tells you what’s wrong. Even MOT tests are going online now and I believe that marks a turning point for our industry to look to step up, invest look to the future and concentrate on providing the very best service for their customers.

“Garages have been slowly been making the transition to be able to read basic data from a car’s onboard systems, but the step up from technology that reads the basics, to proper diagnostics is a huge one and that’s where much of our investment has been at Great Bentley.

“Our new equipment is state of the art and will work with every make and model, giving us the information to maintain and repair vehicles as well as main dealers,” he added.

Brian Palmer