When it comes to car and tyre care, it’s a fact that some more than others are being left behind in the slow lane.  So with this in mind, the HiQ fastfit network is coming to the rescue by creating a suite of HiQ Handy Guides based on motorists’ feedback.

The comprehensive and easy-to-read Guides have been introduced to better understand drivers’ needs and effortlessly talk them through everything there is to know about keeping their tyres and cars in tip top condition.

Covering anything from the hazards associated with buying part worn tyres, the forthcoming Tyre Labelling legislation  and winter driving tips to fuel efficiency and battery care, the Guides simplify tyre and car care and legislation as well as provide useful motoring reference material.

Geraldine McGovern, HiQ’s Marketing Manager and the driving force behind the HiQ Handy Guides, comments: “As a fast fit retailer, we’re always looking for new ways to support our customers, and following considerable investment into our new website as well as research undertaken to better understand where motorists are being left behind, we believe the Guides will become a useful addition for anyone wanting to expand their car care know-how.

“Essentially, they are high value bite sized information bulletins that can be accessed at a touch of a button and which are designed to give drivers the low-down on car and tyre related topics.”

The HiQ Handy Guides are categorised into:

·         HiQ Handy Guides to tyres

·         HiQ Handy Guides to Car Care, and

·         HiQ Handy Guides to driving

“In addition to providing hints and tips, eye catching illustrations and punchy paragraphs without jargon, their aim is to help empower people and ultimately instil greater car confidence and we’re sure they will be a useful source of information for both men and women!”

The Guides are available to everyone via the HiQ website, hiqonline.co.uk where they can be viewed online and downloaded to read or share with others at a later date.

There is already an extensive range of guides available today but HiQ will also be adding to the suite as time goes by to cover new topics and enhance the HiQ offering to the motorist even further.