A kind hearted Battersea business is getting in the pink after donating £2,500 to Breast Cancer Care, it was revealed. Gary Oliver who is operations manager of the HiQ fast fit centre in Chatham Road, is showing his caring, sharing side after agreeing to give the cash to the charity on behalf of the garage.

Kind hearted battersea business in the pink

HiQ has agreed to donate £2,500 direct to Breast Cancer Care in return for a day at the British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch on Sunday October 4. Gary will be given VIP treatment, and will get the chance to invite customers and contacts to the day of racing in return for the kind hearted donation. Dozens of fundraising activities will also be organised by HiQ throughout the remainder of the year, and fast fitters across the HiQ network will be encouraged to take part in as many events as possible to swell the coffers at Breast Cancer Care. Gary said the charity was the perfect fit for HiQ, as it reached out to a family audience - many of whom are wary of visiting fast fit centres, and are dissatisfied with the service given to them. He said: "We are all extremely excited with our partnership with Breast Cancer Care and the opportunities that exist with the charity. "We think the charity fits perfectly with what we are trying to achieve at HiQ. Not only is it close to all of our hearts, but no fast fit company reaches into the family market to help remove the intimidation associated with the fast fit sector.