It’s shocking but a recent survey found that lady drivers were falling foul of the ‘female premium’ being added by sexist garage owners.

On average women were being made to pay £45 more than men for the same repair work - with up to £137 bolted on in the worst cases!

Quite reasonably, every female motorist wants a reliable garage where she knows she will be treated with respect, her car will be properly cared for and she won't get ripped off.

Some women are natural petrol heads. But for many people, a trip to the garage may be a little daunting. They worry that they'll be patronised by the mechanic for not knowing what a head gasket is or that numerous 'mystery items' will appear on their bill. Rest assured, you'll never experience anything like that at one of our HiQ garages.

HiQ Promise

We promise all our customers something that can rarely be found in the fast fit industry: trust.

At HiQ, we’ll always charge you the same price, whether you’re from Venus or from Mars. After all, two of our guiding principles are to always give transparent, upfront prices and put trust at the heart of everything we do.

HiQ Project Pink

HiQ have raised over £110,000 for Breast Cancer Care since beginning our partnership in 2009 as part of Project Pink. What an incredible figure!

And we’re not stopping there. HiQ are so impressed with the hard work carried out by Breast Cancer Care and the incredible levels of support they offer, and we look forward to continuing to support this great cause.