The popular belief of Motorists in the UK is that winter tyres are solely useful when driving on snow.

The truth is that from 7 degrees below, winter tyres are there to support you safely through the harsh winter conditions guaranteeing extra grip while driving. This is because winter tyres have tread patterns that work together with the rubber compound to keep you safe on the road.

A couple of years ago there was a wave of advice saying that winter tyres were not necessary due to possible milder winters here in the UK.

However, if there is no grip, even a four-wheel drive car won’t get you further than a two-wheel drive and especially during braking the benefit of a 4-wheel drive will be limited to virtually non-existent.

In harsh conditions winter tyres are extremely effective, especially in terms of breaking distances. At 18mph a car with conventional tyres will take an extra 11 metres to stop, which is the length of a double decker bus.

One of the advantages of Winter tyres is that they have narrow grooves which prevent the snow from building up and clogging tread channels. In addition to that, in wet conditions, the tread patterns are designed to disperse more water than normal tyres while the soft rubber compound guarantees more grip on the road.

If you already have a set of winter tyres is probably better to visit your local fitter to get them properly fit and balanced on your car to ensure you have safe journeys throughout winter.