The HiQ fast fit network has further built on its reputation as a digital pioneer in the industry, by launching itself on virtual pin board site Pinterest.

The network has a well-established presence on social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, and twitter and along with HiQ’s new online blog, Pinterest is set to add a new dimension to HiQ’s multi-faceted marketing campaign.

Pinterest is a website on which users can share images and create digital pin boards that reflect their interests and hobbies. Many retailers have joined the platform, from large fashion brands to niche wedding cake designers, but HiQ believe that they are the first UK automotive network.

Sharing photography from its Breast Cancer Care fundraising events, the HiQ annual conference and British Touring Car Championship race days, through to beautiful examples of ‘tyre fashion’ and rubber art, the fast fit network is engaging with customers and sharing the brand personality on a new level.

To emphasise the importance of tyre safety, HiQ also have a ‘Chamber of Horrors’ board on Pinterest which shows examples of tyre wear, the potential reasons for it and highlights the importance of performing regular checks. HiQ hopes that this will encourage motorists to pay more attention to their tyres.

HiQ marketing manager, Geraldine McGovern, said: “Many people in the industry believe that an automotive network has no place on a platform such as Pinterest - reserving it for wedding dress designers and high-end fashion brands only. We are proving that this isn’t the case.

“We’re already showing that social media can be successful for a fast fit network - the relationships and interaction we have with our thousands of followers and friends on Facebook and twitter demonstrates that. Pinterest takes this one step further, allowing us to build these relationships even further by engaging with customers in a more visually captivating way.”

As well as using Pinterest to share photography and raise awareness, HiQ is set to use the platform to assist customers in making sense of the upcoming tyre labelling legislation. The company will launch its exclusive and unique tyre labelling infographics on the platform in early September as part of its campaign to make the legislation easier to understand for motorists.

Kirsty Bosley, HiQ’s social media and community manager, said: “The jargon-free and straight-up approach that customers experience when visiting a HiQ centre is exactly what they can expect from us online. Buying tyres or booking a service should be a simple, positive retail experience, and we do everything we can to make it so. We carry that through every aspect of our digital communications.”

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