Working so closely with the fast fit network provided me with great deal of highlights and happy memories over the years, from coveted award wins, network advances and announcements.

But if there is one activity that gives me broader smile than any other, then it is our ongoing partnership with Breast Cancer Care.

For the last three years, we've been busying ourselves raising money for the charity and, with a whopping £87,000 already in the bank, the relationship couldn't have worked out better.

Finding new and innovative ways to capture the imagination of our franchisees and our customers has always been our focus. We've not only wanted to help Breast Cancer Care raise much needed funds but we've also wanted to help them raise awareness of the services they have available.

But, it was only recently on visit the charity's head office that it really struck home to me just what Breast Cancer Care does and how much of difference their services make to the individuals and families affected by breast cancer.

This got me thinking...

...why do we pick the charities we decide through our lifetime? What is it that makes us feel passionate about one good cause over another?

Here the decision just seemed come in flash during one of our many marketing brainstorm meetings in a windowless room.

Quite simply this partnership fitted into the future vision we have for the brand. We want to be family friendly business and more specifically we want to create a fast fit car care environment that women in particular are happy come into.

We've all been there, with that sinking feeling you're going be patronised or worse, ripped off. So finding somewhere which is more approachable and caring is certainly more appealing. But, a fast fit brand talking about cancer, and most specifically cancer that is predominately, but not exclusively, affecting women is most unexpected, so perhaps this was bit of risk.

Our instinct was the right choice, our franchisees embraced our Breast Cancer Care partnership from the word go, and our customers responded equally well with fantastic levels of support - proven by the fact that our magic £100,000 goal is now in sight.

For me, a visit to Breast Cancer Care confirmed all of this further. I heard stories of how the basic principles of talking, listening and ‘just being there’ makes a significant different to those women (and indeed men) who are affected by this disease. It also made me think that it’s not about being able to afford to donate money or how much cash you actually give it’s also that you understand what they do and care enough to want to help them in whatever ways you can to help make a difference.

So thanks to everyone who has and who continues to support us. HiQ will continue to support Breast Cancer Care as we know that very single penny we help to raise really does make difference but that caring enough to give is what really makes charity work.