For HiQ franchisee Andy Bucknall, it is a case of first impressions lasting as he continues to reap the rewards from two major rebrands at his fast fit centres in Burton and Crewe. When the Staffordshire businessman took the helm in Crewe, he made it his priority to modernize the site and promptly did so, before repeating the trick in Burton back in March. A crisp, modern rebrand isn't just pleasing on the eye, as Andy acknowledges. It can signal a real upturn in fortunes, offering a tangible reason to be optimistic about the future. In the time since refurbishing his sites, footfall has increased significantly, up 15 per cent, while turnover at Crewe alone has doubled in the 18 months since taking control. Andy, along with a number of other successful franchisees, believes that a change is as good as a rest, and has cited his rebrands as key factors behind his success.

He said: "Redeveloping the centres in Burton and Crewe have certainly played a big part in our business successes, after an initial slow start. "There has been an immediate benefit in each case. Local fleets see us and want to use us, our vans are flying around around the towns, and we look part of a busy, vibrant brand which has been brilliant. ""However, you can't increase sales on the way you look alone. You have always got to stay ahead of the competition, and look at finding ways to generate new sales. "I have targeted the local university, elderly motorists, new fleet contracts, and brought in new technology to give us an edge.