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HiQ Ludlow formerly Ian Jones Tyres is your Local Independent Friendly Garage which understands that Life moves pretty fast these days. So to make sure our customers get to where they want to be, we do everything in our power to make that happen, by Offering Competitive Prices on Servicing, all Major Repairs, Tyres & Mots, including our new Dealer specific servicing, allowing to maintain any Warranties. We also offer a courtesy car or van to keep you on the move.
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Customer reviews

Natalie Cregan

Natalie Cregan gave HiQ Ludlow 5 out of 5

Very happy with the service, all the repairs that my car needed were explained to me in detail so that I understood what work needed doing. Staff are very professional and helpful and I'd certainly recommend this shop.

Roy Bateman

Roy Bateman gave HiQ Ludlow 5 out of 5

Had two tyres fitted this morning - on time, at a good price and with very pleasant service. Would certainly use again and would recommend HIQ's service to anyone.

Jane Lindsey

Jane Lindsey gave HiQ Ludlow 5 out of 5

This is the second time I`ve used HiQ..the first time, I needed two new tyres fairly urgently, at a decent price.A local neighbour recommended this garage. No fuss, good price; all sorted for me very quickly. This time, to my shame, I needed help with a basic car check before a long journey...oil, water, tyres etc....Sukhy sorted this for me really speedily and professionally (didn`t even smirk...!!!) and then didn`t charge me. Will definitely be back. Thankyou!!!

Rachel Prodger

Rachel Prodger gave HiQ Ludlow 5 out of 5

With a MG TF like mine I was so pleased to find a garage that cared for it so much. They ordered genuine parts for it. The staff were really nice They offered me the company car so I could still get to work and as a carer it was wonderful. Nice to have my Fred back on the road and going even better than before after his full service. Yes I call my car Fred. Have recommended the garage to other MG owners i know. Thank you for a great service. X

Stephanie Lloyd

Stephanie Lloyd gave HiQ Ludlow 5 out of 5

All staff highly professional and helpful, I can't give them credit enough. Sorted out a problem from another garage that was not done properly!!!! (Not a Ludlow garage). They got the parts in quickly and got me on the road. It was lovely everything was shown to me and explained, but will definitely be taking my car to them from now!!

graham morrell

graham morrell gave HiQ Ludlow 1 out of 5

I visited this store for two new tyres on rear due to wear on outside edge. Also there was slight pulling to the left. The mechanic who i dealt with was very pleasant and polite. I explained that i was concerned about the uneven wear on rear tyres and was told " Dont worry we would look after you". I purchased two new tyres and was told that i would need two more on the fron soon so buy them now and i will give you a good price, so i did. He said their four wheel tracking would solve everything. I left car with them and collected it later that day. I was told tracking was way out and all is now in spec. After paying nearly £250 away i went with peace of mind. the pulling to the left was still there but hardly noticable. BUT after 13 weeks of driving i noticed the same tyre wear on rear tyres. I took my car back, was met by a different mechanic who was as polite as the first. Up on the ramps it went, he called me to look under car and showed me the guage and how much my rear wheels were out of spec, exactly the same as before. i said you were supposed to have done this when i had the new tyres. his reply, " YOU CANT AJUST THE REAR WHEELS ON THIS CAR" SO WHY charge me for it, and WHY sell me tyres KNOWING the problem had NOT been solved. They just obviously wanted my money. Disgracefull service

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