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Customer reviews

Peter Gaye reviewed HiQ Ludlow

Peter Gaye gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

Can't praise them highly enough, after couple of visits over the past couple of weeks, sorry for length but worth reading! Firstly a puncture, not really suitable to repair, so they did a good deal on four quality tyres fitted the next day. Whilst they had the car asked if they could regass the aircon as didn't seem too good, (was the hottest day of the though!) Anyway on collection bad news, told the pump had gone, could do a new one for around £350 fitted so agreed said they'd order it in. Contacted again, more than they expected now around £450 for the pump with fitting, said okay, even though price had gone up by £100. Dropped tthe car off the next week said they would ring when ready. Anyway had a call mid afternoon, car ready, did I want the good news? Urm yes...advised the pump was okay...then held my breath expecting the enevitable but you needed a new XYZ which will now cost £600. But I was greeted with a fixed it, nothing was faulty just an abnormally with the switch arrangements, in that you can't have economy and aircon on at the same time you either economy or comfort not both, (bit embarrassing considering the time I've had this car) So I picked myself up off the floor, pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming and went to collect the car. So the outcome, was only charged for the re gassing, as the pump was okay and nothing was done basically apart from turn a switch off. Think they just Googled Mercedes aircon operating instructions in the end before ripping the perfectly good pump out just to check. Anyway the moral of all this is... that's it's nice to know there are honest tradesmen with integrity who respect their customers. When you consider Peter the manager who had probably (definitely) lost money with this job, could still explain to me with with great pride how he had sorted my aircon. Peter I salute you, with so many horror stories and even TV shows based on rip offs, and cons, it was nice to find someone who puts customer satisfaction before profit with a passion. When to a less scrupulous garage they could have got a free pump out of me, quite a worrying thought? I'll definitely be back, as I'm sure others will after reading this.

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Julie Stalstead reviewed HiQ Kings Lynn

Julie Stalstead gave HiQ Kings Lynn 5/5

Always great service, keep up the good work

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